Enrique Lin Shiao is the founder and chair of the Penn Science Diplomacy Group. Through joint projects with the Embassy of Costa Rica he was firstly introduced to science diplomacy by Deputy Chief of Mission Alejandra Solano Cabalceta and Ambassador Roman Macaya Hayes, PhD., strong advocates for science diplomacy. These interactions inspired him to reach out to other graduate students at Penn to found PSDG.

Enrique’s interest in science diplomacy arises from his multicultural background and international research experiences. He was born and raised in Costa Rica, the son of Taiwanese immigrants, Antonio Lin Huang and Sofía Shiao Wu. After high school, Enrique worked for a year doing research in Costa Rica at Ad Astra Rocket Company and Lanotec, where he further developed his passion for science and learned early on the importance of international collaborations to advance scientific goals.

A full scholarship from the DAAD allowed Enrique to pursue a Bachelor’s in Engineering Physics and a Master’s in Biophysics at the Technical University of Munich in Germany. There, he performed research at the Dietz Laboratory for  Biomolecular Nanotechnology. During the second year of his master’s program, Enrique obtained a scholarship from the European Commission for a year long research and master thesis project at the laboratory of Alessio Ciulli, PhD. at the University of Cambridge. To further his training, Enrique joined Penn in fall 2013 and is currently a PhD candidate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics in the laboratory of Prof. Shelley L. Berger, PhD. Enrique has a deep interest in epigenetics; and his current research studies epigenetic modifiers and transitions involved in lineage differentiation and cancer.


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