Matthew is in his final year as an undergraduate majoring in biology at the University of Pennsylvania. He’s currently completing his senior thesis on sperm motility with the Center for Research on Reproduction and Women’s Health. He recently became interested in science diplomacy after interning with the International Rescue Committee under their health team. Although the internship wasn’t focused on science diplomacy specifically, he's gained a new perspective on how impactful diplomatic relations are on population health.

Matthew is now highly interested in how science diplomacy serves to influence global health systems. He joined PSDG in hopes of it helping to cultivate his newfound interests. He’s confident PSDG is the perfect group to receive mentorship and engage in thought-provoking discussions concerning these matters. Outside of PSDG, he’s very proud of his work with Moelis Access Science as a Cardiology Pipeline Fellow in which he leads a class at West Philadelphia High School. He’s also a weekly clinical/outreach volunteer at the Washington West Project. 


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